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V Carbon Chemical Peel

Treatment Time:

45 - 60 min

V Carbon anti-aging chemical peel treatments utilize a blend of natural exfoliating agents, antioxidants, and activated carbon. The V Carbon system consists of two products, V Carbon Film and V Carbon Spray, providing the option for medium or deep peeling treatments.

The natural exfoliating agents, including ferulic acid, mandelic acid, and lactic acid, bring regenerating and brightening qualities. Simultaneously, the properties of activated carbon contribute to skin purification and detoxification. Overall, the treatment aims to brighten, purify, and detoxify the skin by stimulating collagen growth, enhancing skin texture, and clearing pores.

Price: $190
  • Face
  • Neck


There is no downtime, however there are some side effects such as redness, tingling, dryness, mild swelling and peeling. We don’t recommend chemical peels before any major events, or travel plans.


Your appointment will begin with a consultation with our medical aesthetician to discuss your concerns and explore the best chemical peel option. Afterward, our medical aesthetician will clean and prepare the treatment area, and apply the peel. V Carbon spray, applied immediately after V Carbon film, is a cosmetic that balances the action of V Carbon film and reduce the appearance of ageing simultaneously, thanks to innovative cosmetic formulation.


5-7 days after your peel, side effects will subside as new skin begins to form. Full results are usually seen 14 days after your treatment. Depending on your skin type, multiple treatments may be necessary for maximum result


We always recommend sun protection as is imperative for final treatment application and post-treatment daily use. Any other skincare products may disrupt results, or may be too harsh for your recovering skin.

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